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Adept Materials' mission is to make peoples' built environments more durable, comfortable and energy efficient.


World is filled with problems where managing moisture and heat are vital

The success of human evolution is, in large part, a product of protection: using resources to create safer environments in otherwise adverse conditions. People live and work in buildings protected from extreme elements; wear jackets to shield frigid temperatures and rain; and antimicrobial, liquid-resistant gowns to perform high-stakes medical procedures.

Adaptation to these environments has worked, but is far from perfect. The compounds required to achieve protection are, in many cases, created through an environmentally costly set of chemical processes that destroy ecosystems. And the effectiveness of the materials themselves are often short-lived due to planned obsolescence or aging.

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A Structure’s Biggest Challenge:
Moisture Damage

Water damage to building structures is not a problem reserved for low-quality build projects.

Take Toll Brothers, who tout their “50+ years of experience building luxury homes” and promise that “you are choosing the best in the business … impeccable standards … reflected in every home we build."

What was Toll Brothers’ liabilities for moisture damage in 2018? $324 million.

Moisture damage in construction is fundamental and faced by even the highest-end builders.



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Each year, water damage costs home and businesses $13 billion, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Traditionally, home and commercial builders use a multi-layer approach for reducing the amount of moisture that enters a structure —  yet the manufacturing method in which these materials are created is environmentally damaging and their lifespan is limited.

Adept Materials’ novel overlay technology with directional moisture control protects engineered wood products from mold growth. The two-layer system provides high outward drying potential while significantly impeding inward vapor diffusion in wet conditions.

As a result, the building material never exceeds the mold growth threshold of 80%, thus protecting the building and its occupants’ health.



With moisture wicking properties and an eco-friendly composition that eliminates the need for harmful chemicals like PFOA to achieve, Adept Materials may be used across a spectrum of durable apparel applications.



Adept Materials redefine protection by controlling the climate around products.



Heat exhaustion is the greatest threat to workers wearing personal protective suits. Chemical hazmat suits, medical gowns and jobsite protective equipment trap heat and moisture. The heat and humidity are uncomfortable, and sweat can no longer regulate body temperature naturally by the process of evaporation.

Adept Materials’ multifunctional heterostructure enables directional vapor control, humidity regulation and temperature regulation that may be fitted as a lightweight protective suit. The two-layer system removes excess moisture and channels heat away from the body without a heavy wearable or a restrictive tether to an external climate control system.

With Adept Materials, surgeons, first responders and jobsite workers could perform their duties for hours in greater comfort and safety thanks to the self-regulating environment inside their personal protective garments.