Adept Materials

A new direction in moisture control.

The Technology

Adept Materials’ award-winning technology revolutionizes vapor, humidity, and temperature management.

A pair of thin layers work in concert to create a responsive, multifunctional material with unique capabilities: The material provides directional vapor control by allowing water vapor to pass easily in one direction while resisting its motion in the other. The material also regulates humidity by storing or releasing excess moisture. The material even regulates temperature by storing and releasing heat.

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Directional Vapor Control
Humidity Regulation
Temperature Management

A versatile technology that takes the form
you need.

Enhance coatings, films, overlays, and other forms of material with our technology to meet the needs of different applications. Revolutionary material performance does not require a revolution in manufacturing or installation.


A multifunctional solution for construction, apparel, packaging, and healthcare applications.

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Able to respond to the changing environment, Adept Materials increase the moisture durability, comfort, and energy efficiency of building envelopes.

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With moisture-regulating properties and an eco-friendly composition that eliminates the need for harmful chemicals like PFOAs, Adept Materials may be used across a spectrum performance apparel applications.


Adept Materials redefine protection by controlling the climate around products.


Adept Materials offers control over moisture, humidity, and temperature in vitally important healthcare applications.


Materials that make a positive impact.

What does moisture control have to do with sustainability? Our moisture-control technology is designed to reduce waste – of materials, food, and energy. Excessive moisture enables micro-organisms to proliferate, causing building materials to rot and food to spoil. Furthermore, building envelopes are less energy-efficient when they’re damp.  Adept Materials’ technology is engineered to increase durability and energy-efficiency, and it relies on abundant raw materials that are natural or biodegradable.



eco-friendly composition



material technology



for durability

About us

Born out of a lab at Brown University.

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Adept Materials relies on a unique material structure to achieve directional vapor control, humidity regulation and temperature management. The technology was invented by physicist Derek Stein, Ph.D., in his lab at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

Dr. Stein studied moisture control in the house Brown University entered in the 2014 Solar Decathlon Europe, a prestigious international design competition. Brown’s house, called the Techstyle Haus and realized in partnership with the Rhode Island School of Design and the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt, Germany, featured a building envelope made of architectural membranes that met the rigorous passive house standard of energy efficiency. Adept Materials’ technology is the result of additional research into materials that make it easier for buildings to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency without sacrificing durability, comfort, or affordability.

Adept Materials has subjected the novel properties of its materials to rigorous testing in collaboration with the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory.


Catalyst Award Winner


CertainTeed / Saint Gobain inNOVAte 2019 Challenge Winner


U.S. Department of Energy E-ROBOT Prize, Phase 1 Winner


Wells-Fargo Innovation Incubator